GMP Court Case

GMP & The Government

The case is going as we expected and there have been no surprises. Many members have asked why the Department of Work and Pension (DWP) and HM Treasury (HMT) are involved in the case. The Government applied, very late in the day, to intervene in the proceedings. They...

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£20Bn Case Goes To High Court

The Union’s landmark legal case on the equalisation of Guaranteed Minimum Pensions (GMPs) has now been lodged with the High Court. Members will recall that the Bank, BTU and the Lloyds Banking Group Pensions Trustee Limited are bringing the case jointly. Three...

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BTU’s Legal Case Going To The High Court

The Bank, the Trustee Board and BTU have agreed jointly to refer the Union’s landmark legal action on Guaranteed Minimum Pensions (GMPs) to the High Court. Given what’s gone on over the past 18 months that’s not a sentence I expected to write. Under what’s called a...

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£20bn Pensions Discrimination Time Bomb

It’s a complex subject, so bear with me. The issue is about how pensions, in particular Guaranteed Minimum Pensions (GMPs), are increased under the rules of the Bank’s defined benefit (final salary) pension schemes. The outcome is straightforward. The pensions of...

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Legal History

The stakes couldn’t get much bigger. If our landmark legal action, which was covered widely in the national press, is successful then not only will up to 165,000 female members of the Bank’s defined benefit pension schemes be entitled to pension increases but some 5...

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