GMP Court Case

GMPs – What Next?

Following the Union’s historic legal victory on Guaranteed Minimum Pensions (GMPs) in October 2018, the Trustee and the bank have been looking at how to equalise pensions and implement the Court’s decision. That work is ongoing and once completed could result in some...

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GMP Cout Case Judgment

Please click this text to view a PDF of the judgment. T 01234 262868 F 0844 7745971 E BTU, St John's Terrace, 3-7 Ampthill Street, BEDFORD MK42 9EY © BTU 2018

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Union Wins Landmark Legal Case

Well, we’ve done it again. In the most anticipated pension case in 30 years, the High Court has ruled today that the Lloyds Banking Group pension schemes must equalise guaranteed minimum pensions (GMPs) for men and women. The outcome of this case will have profound...

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