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Working Hours

The vast majority of Lloyds and Halifax branches will now close at 3.30. Only the largest branches in central locations will remain open until 5pm. In a recent note to staff, Jo Harris, Managing Director, Lloyds Community Bank, said: “Our branches are increasingly...

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£30,000 Worse Off Under DB Proposals

According a report produced by Insight Investment, members of the Lloyds TSB No 1 defined benefit pension scheme could be up to £30,000 worse off under proposals being considered by the Government to change the way annual pension increases are calculated. The UK...

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Back To Work

The Prime Minister has announced that the government’s “work from home” guidance will end from the 1st August, although it seems that his key senior scientific advisers may not have got the message. Sir Patrick Vallance, Chief Scientific Adviser, is still insisting...

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Treating Vulnerable Customers Fairly?

The real economic consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic on individuals will only become apparent once the Government’s furlough schemes and support for the self-employed come to an end. More than 12 million workers are being supported by those schemes. Economists are...

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No Going Back – The New Reality

Crisis can be an opportunity for change. Our survey results show that Lloyds should embrace that change when it comes to the future of home working post Covid-19. As this crisis scythes through the economy, many organisations will be looking to save costs. In Lloyds,...

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Bank Responds To Union’s Campaign

Following the union’s campaign for a recognition award for branch managers working on the frontline, Lloyds has announced today that grades D – F frontline staff will get an extra day off, either on a Friday or Monday, and will be able to get a family takeaway over...

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