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Bank Ignoring Contractual Rights

Some senior members of the bank are telling staff they won’t be able to use the grievance procedure if they disagree with their end of year bonus awards. Bonus payments are discretionary and therefore the grievance procedure doesn’t apply according to the bank’s...

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The Dangers Of Covert Recordings

Almost all of us now carry mobile phones capable of making audio recordings. It’s not surprising that, increasingly, BTU is presented with audio files which have been made covertly by members during meetings with their employers.The majority of these recordings are...

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Opportunities For The Many

At a time when every announcement from the bank seems to be about more job cuts, it was a welcome relief to read about the creation of 500 new jobs in Edinburgh, which will now be the biggest digital engineering hub outside London. The bank has also said it will be...

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Will your boss play favourites?

Do you work in a team or an office or branch where a group of colleagues seem to be the boss’s best friend? The ones whom your line manager praises the most, socialises with the most and confides in the most. Perhaps, they are the ones whose mistakes are never as...

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In the beginning is the word. And the word is sales.

What’s clear from some of the initial results of our recent survey on sales, the full results of which will be published shortly, is the amount of pressure staff are under to improve sales performance. And that pressure manifests itself in many different ways. Take...

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GMP Legal Case – Part 2

The second part of the Union’s landmark legal case on Guaranteed Minimum Pensions (GMPs) will begin in the High Court later this year.Members will recall the High Court ruled last year that the Trustee of the Lloyds pension schemes is under an obligation to equalise...

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The “Charismatic Winner” Takes It All

Two-pensions Osorio is such a “charismatic winner” that Lloyds staff don’t mind one bit that he’s paid 169 times more than they are according to the bank. In what can only be described as a the most toe curling moment seen at a Parliamentary hearing, Mr. Stuart...

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Mental Health and Lloyds Bank: The Reality

You can’t have missed the Bank’s Mental Health PR campaign, it’s been on almost every advertising medium going. Just this month the Bank announced it will train 2500 mental health ‘Advocates’. But look behind the PR facade and a different Lloyds attitude to mental...

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