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Lloyds Sales Culture – 2019

In a recent article on the PPI mis-selling scandal, the Financial Times quoted from an unnamed Lloyds seller who was working in the bank when PPI was being sold. The article says: “When Mathew started working for one of the UK’s biggest banks in the late 1990s, he...

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The Surveys That Changed The World!

It was us. We did it. We boosted the UK economy to the tune of £48 billion (cost to date of the payment protection mis-selling scandal) and that had a greater impact than the Bank of England’s quantitative easing (QE) programme according to many economists. It was a...

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Saving Money Or The Environment?

Let’s be clear, changing the company car scheme is not about saving the environment, it’s about saving money. When all’s said and done, the bank will save more money from forcing eligible employees to take the allowance, be that consolidated into basic pay or not,...

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“Bumps In The Road” At Schroders

Members have been telling us for weeks that issues with the Benchmark system are seriously affecting their ability to offer customers a great service. These system problems are not “bumps in the road”, which sounds like a rather cack-handed attempt by senior...

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Executive Pay And Pensions

At a recent hearing of the Work and Pensions Select Committee, Mr. Stuart Sinclair, Chairman of the Group’s Remuneration Committee, said: “When I go out to see people who are on £22,000, £30,000, £40,000 , they see Antonio as a winner....There is a charisma around...

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Bank Ignoring Contractual Rights

Some senior members of the bank are telling staff they won’t be able to use the grievance procedure if they disagree with their end of year bonus awards. Bonus payments are discretionary and therefore the grievance procedure doesn’t apply according to the bank’s...

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The Dangers Of Covert Recordings

Almost all of us now carry mobile phones capable of making audio recordings. It’s not surprising that, increasingly, BTU is presented with audio files which have been made covertly by members during meetings with their employers.The majority of these recordings are...

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Opportunities For The Many

At a time when every announcement from the bank seems to be about more job cuts, it was a welcome relief to read about the creation of 500 new jobs in Edinburgh, which will now be the biggest digital engineering hub outside London. The bank has also said it will be...

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