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300 Advisers Going To JV

“300 or so advisers” will be transferred across to the new Joint Venture with Schroders according to George Culmer, Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Culmer let the cat out of the bag when he was responding to a question from an analyst following the publication of the...

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Agile Working In The Community Banks

All branch managers have recently completed an agility awareness training course and we expect that many will use that training to reorganise their branch staff – both in terms of working hours and working days. As always the vast majority of branch managers will deal...

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Union Wins Landmark Legal Case

Well, we’ve done it again. In the most anticipated pension case in 30 years, the High Court has ruled today that the Lloyds Banking Group pension schemes must equalise guaranteed minimum pensions (GMPs) for men and women. The outcome of this case will have profound...

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New Joint Venture

Lloyds Banking Group and Schroders plc will establish a new financial planning joint venture company for affluent customers. Under the deal, Lloyds will own 50.1 per cent of the share capital of the new joint venture and Schroders the remaining 49.9 per cent....

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Bank Cynically Withdraws Mortgage Benefit

Last year the main in-house staff union – Accord – reported that Lloyds Banking Group had agreed to extend the Colleague Concessionary Mortgage Schemes for another year. It said the agreement: “demonstrates again that positive results are achievable through a...

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Continuing Discrimination In Offshore Banking

The Trustee of the Lloyds Bank Offshore Pension Scheme and the Bank are still treating men and women differently when dealing with the State Pension Deduction. The Union represented a female member on Jersey last year who would have seen her pension reduced by £1,190...

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Dark Clouds Over IBM?

Members will recall that last year the Bank announced it was outsourcing 1,900 jobs to IBM. A significant number of the jobs transferred to IBM will eventually be offshored to India. IBM and Lloyds signed one of the largest cloud transformation deals with most staff...

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Mortgages & Coaching Plans

Both HSBC and RBS are trying to get a greater share of the mortgage market with both banks having increased their share of approvals in the first half of 2018. Goldman Sachs – in a research note on mortgage competition – are predicting that Lloyds Banking Group will...

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