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Think Again, Jo

The next few weeks are going to be the worst since the pandemic began according to Chris Whitty, the Government’s Chief Medical Officer. And Lloyds now needs to revisit the issue of essential banking quickly. Lloyds should be congratulated for following the union’s...

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Back To Basics – Now

Lloyds should go back to the basic banking model and the measures introduced in the first lockdown with immediate effect. The Prime Minister announced last night that people in all of England must now stay at home except for a handful of permitted reasons. The new...

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Tier 4 Restrictions & Lloyds

At the Government’s recent press conference, the UK’s top scientist, Sir Patrick Valance, warned that the new strain of coronavirus is now “everywhere” in the country and the likelihood is that more areas will be moved into Tier 4 in the next few weeks. The Welsh...

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Schroders – The Next Steps

Members will recall that when the joint venture between Lloyds and Schroders was announced a few years ago, we reported that when addressing a group of advisers, one regional manager said: “the hounds will be set free”. He then went on to explain that because there...

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377,738 Shares For The Gresham Street Grinch

We know that we are living in a topsy turvey world at the moment but since when did it become acceptable for an employer to “thank … unions for their constructive approach” to pay negotiations. We bet the bank wanted to “thank” Accord and Unite. Those so-called...

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Schroders Shafts 200 Staff

The timing of Schroeder’s announcement to make 200 staff redundant is quite simply cruel. The business has done an excellent job of migrating wealth customers worth some £26bn to the Schroders platform. All of those customers transferred because of their existing...

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Survey – Working From Home 2.0

Whilst we can see the light at the end of the coronavirus tunnel, Lloyds staff will still be working from home well into next year. How have you adapted to this new normal and have your views changed since earlier in the year? Are you working longer, and do you feel...

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