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What’s Happening To Mortgage Advisers?

It’s the question that the bank’s senior management team has failed to address: why are MaPAs still working in branches when most, if not all of them, could quite easily be working from home? Why has the bank’s senior management team not put plans in place to enable...

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Home Working: Check Your Home Insurance

Some insurers place restrictions on home insurance policies when it comes to working from home - you’re not necessarily covered automatically. In an article on Admiral’s website (published prior to the COVID-19 outbreak), it says: "Do I have to tell my insurer I work...

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Important Advice For Home Workers

In most non-branch areas, Lloyds has done a good job of moving staff to home working. This has removed the obvious risk of coming into offices in higher risk areas such as London and Birmingham but there are some potential pitfalls of which members should be aware. If...

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It’s About Time

Since the start of this crisis the union has been campaigning tirelessly for more front-line staff working in Group sites to be allowed to work from home. The more we all stay at home and reduce our social contacts the less chance we have of catching the virus and,...

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BTU Branch Survey Results

OverviewHere’s a snapshot of member responses to date.Our non-branch survey will follow tomorrow.41% of respondents said that in their branches more staff had been told to report for work than were needed to provide essential banking services to customers.Staff were...

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New BTU Branch Practices Survey

Feedback from members shows that in too many branches staff are being placed at risk of Covid-19. Examples of unacceptable practices are:1. Excessive numbers of staff being forced to report for work.2. Staff being given odd-jobs when they should be at home or...

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You Help Clean The Garden, Antonio

The Government has repeatedly said employers must make every effort to help staff to work from home. We appreciate that banking is a key public service but Lloyds could be doing a lot more to stop the spread of this virus by allowing more homeworking across all areas...

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It’s Only A Start

The bank’s position following the Prime Minister’s announcement that it was business as usual for Lloyds was akin to the kind of bravado we’ve seen from Sports Direct. It seems that overnight the bank has reflected on its position and the announcement today will be...

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