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Schroders Bonuses

Much of Lloyds Banking Group’s profits for 2019 are going to be wiped out by PPI compensation payments. Staff in LBG have been told to expect significantly lower bonus payments in February, with some suggestions that bonuses could be reduced by 25%.How does that...

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Pay & Grading In 2020

Unless the new grading and reward structure to be announced later this year deals with the issue of progression, staff will continue to be undervalued relative to the market place. And the issue of progression will become more important with the contraction of grades...

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Pay 2020 – Another Missed Opportunity

The 2020 pay pot is 2.4% compared to 2.6% last year. However, the Office for Budget Responsibility, which provides independent and authoritative analysis of the UK Public finances, is predicting that when pay becomes effective in April 2020, retail price index (RPI)...

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Bank Pushes Working Pattern Changes

We’ve received numerous calls from members concerned about what appears to be the Bank’s latest push to change working hours and align them with branch opening times. Many of the members have been concerned that they will only be paid for the opening hours of the...

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Bank Breaks Own Policy On Fact Finds

A member subject to a fact find interview (an investigation meeting) asked for a copy of the recording made at the meeting or a transcript, only to be told by the Bank that she couldn’t have one. Leaving aside the wider implications of refusing to provide evidence...

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Real Pay Progression – The Elephant In The Room

The last report and accounts showed that Mr. Antonio Horta-Osorio, Group Chief Executive, is paid some 169 times more than the average worker in Lloyds Banking Group. The Lloyds pay gap is the highest in the UK financial services sector, and one of the highest in the...

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